You may have eaten a gyro, but you’ve never had a Gyro Wrap.

We created our award winning original Gyro Wrap over 40 years ago, featuring seasoned gyro sliced from the cone, topped with our signature tzatziki sauce and crisp veggies on fresh grilled pita bread. But we don’t stop there. We’ve crafted cheesesteaks that even true Philadelphians approve of. Our wings soar with flavor, and our fries are loaded with all the fixins. We’ve got big food, big flavor, and a lot of attitude. No one here leaves hungry. Not on our watch.


Own Your Own Franchise

We crafted the original Gyro Wrap over 40 years ago. While often imitated, no competitor can match our proprietary flavors. Don’t let our name mislead you; Gyro Wrap is not your traditional narrow menu Greek concept. Our menu is mainstream, featuring big flavors and strong ancillary items designed to resonate with today’s mall customer.